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House Rules

House Rules
House Rules


Dear Guest’s,

Welcome to Paras Beach Resort. To make your stay with us please and comfortable, we are providing some guidelines. Check-out time is 12:00 noon. After 12:00 noon 50% of room rate will be charged. Beyond 3:00 pm is considered as one-night stay.

CHILDREN              :               Children below eight (8) years old are free of charge when accompanied by adults in the room.

                                                 They must be accompanied by adults when using the pool.

VISITORS                :               For the protection of our guests, all visitors are required to register with the Front Desk. Beyond

                                                 10:00 p.m. only registered guests are allowed to stay in the room/resort premises. The resort

                                                reserves the right to refuse accommodation to guest anytime without giving any reason

                                                 whatsoever, and if such guest is at the time of refusal a resident of the resort, he or she is bound

                                                 to pay all money due to the resort upon expiry of the notice given.

ROOM KEY             :               When leaving the resort, please leave your key at the Reception Desk. Lost keys will be charged

                                                 to the account of the guest.

ROOM MAKE UP  :               Room make-up is daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. only.

TOWELS                 :               Room towels are provided in the room. It is only for room usage. Pool towel is available in the

                                                Reception Desk. Any lost/ damaged towels will be charged.

CANCELLATION     :               Room cancellation / under stay will be charged 30% of the room / night bill.

WAKE-UP CALL    :               The operator will gladly assist you with the wake-up call.

SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX:        Please deposit your entire valuable for safe keeping in the safety deposit box at the Front

                                                Desk. The reason will not be liable of any loss of valuable not deposited.

PRIVACY                 :               Guests are not allowed to use their rooms for any purposes other than normal, peaceful

                                                 residence. No disturbance of peace is permitted after 11:00 p.m., gambling or any breach of the

                                                 laws are prohibited.

DAMAGE/MISSING ITEMS: Room furnishing and fixtures including linen, towels, ashtrays, etc. male an important

                                                 Contribution to you comport and well-being. Should you wish to have any of the items as

                                                 souvenir, please inform our Front Desk and we will let you have them at a cost. Damages and

                                                losses of items in the room shall be charged to the guest’s account.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE:        Bringing in of any food and beverages item inside resort premises is strictly not allowed.

                                                 The Resort has a Restaurant and souvenir shop which can cater to your requirements.

BILLING POLICY    :               Major credit cards honored by the Resort. If you intend to use your credit card to settle your

                                                 bills, please present them to the cashier for verification. This will also avoid delay in checking out.

                                                 Personal cheques are not accepted. Guest with outstanding account of five thousand

                                                 (php5,000.00) or more are required to settle the same with our Front Desk.

PETS                        :               Pets are not permitted in the hotel premises.

WATER                   :               Although tap water is safe to drink, we recommend bottled water for your drinking consumption.

ELECTRICITY           :               Electric current is 220 volts. Inform the Front Desk if you wish to use power for an appliance or

                                                 Equipment not belongs to the resort.

APPLIANCES          :               Bringing in of any appliances like rice cooker, electric stove, electric fan, iron & the same is strictly

                                                prohibited. Cooking inside resort premises is not allowed.

SMOKING               :               Smoking inside the room and any Public areas are prohibited. We have designated smoking area

                                                at kiosk 3 at the back of the pool.